Michelle Roberts

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Ear Prompter

Michelle’s knack for making tech talk or a dry script extremely accessible stems from a delight in being able to converse with just about anybody. Thanks to her extremely fluid ear prompter skills and a background in musical theater, Michelle has loved selling new technologies and concepts to tradeshow audiences for over 15 years. She's traveled worldwide, retaining major clients like Sony, Kodak, Panasonic, Volvo, Philips, Fuji, and Deloitte. More recently she’s had the pleasure of also working with Sumitomo, Crest Oral B, Pampers, Trimble, Cisco, and AbbVie. Understanding clients' unique pressures and goals in a tradeshow or live industrial setting is key to her longevity. Most memorable expression of client gratitude? “Thanks, Michelle! You actually made ink sexy.” On the flip side, she’s a mom of two and digs getting out of her fancy shoes, into a pair of hiking boots with the family for long treks, rock wall climbing, or river rides. She has been equally successful in the industrial on camera market with clients including Whirlpool, Bayer, American Airlines, United and more.

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