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Joe Fernandez is a half-Cuban half-Irish (or Cubish) comedian and actor. Growing up in Texas he had an affinity for the sport of baseball and dreamed of one day playing for the Houston Astros. When his body didn’t grow up with his dreams, he moved to the performing arts where muscles aren’t necessary.

Joe went to Marquette University where he received the Chris Farley Scholarship for his creativity and positive use of humor. While there he performed in numerous plays, including "Quid Pro Quo" which went on to be performed at the Kennedy Center as part of the American College Theatre Festival.

While he still acts and improvises, his main focus has been stand-up comedy. Over the past 8 years he’s taken his off-stage persona of intolerable presence and morphed it into his on-stage persona of lovable jerk. He satirizes through absurdity and is facetious to a fault.

He has performed in numerous comedy festivals such as Chicago TBS Just For Laughs Fest, the Boston Comedy Fest, and he was a finalist for the Andy Kaufman Award.

Currently Joe is head writer and cast member of Chicago based sketch comedy group Actual Murderers and co-hosts the podcast Bad News Good Timing.

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