Jason Sasportas


Jason joined the Stewart Talent family in 2006 to launch the voice-over department in the NY office. The journey that led him here was indirect. Having entered the entertainment business as an actor and writer in training, Jason found that his desire for stability, structure and an unlimited supply of caffeinated beverages, was also important. In an effort to fuse his interests into a viable career, Jason decided to explore the talent agency realm. He began at William Morris, working for several theatrical agents before landing a position in their commercial department as booth director. Spending his days directing talent on voice-over auditions, interpreting script copy and making creative decisions on casting breakdowns, Jason found he had a knack and love for this area of the business. It wasn’t long before the incredible opportunity at Stewart Talent to be agent and head of the voice-over department came across his desk. Jason jumped at the opportunity, interviews were had (they went well) and after years of developing the roster and fostering relationships with the casting and ad agency community, the department is thriving. His favorite part of the job? Developing the careers of his clients and watching them book of course! A close second is the amount of coffee and tea at his fingertips for consumption.